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A chance to audition your own TED Talk!

TED continues to open their tools for more people around the world. Yesterday they opened a possibility for everybody to audition to give a TED talk.

On May 24, we’re holding the first-ever public audition for TED Talks. It will take place in New York in front of a live audience made up of TED staff and members of the TED community. The audition will be recorded, and the best talks could either be posted on TED.com or win an invitation for a full-on mainstage presentation at TED2012 in California early next year.

This is a great opportunity, and also a way to give TED inputs and perspectives they might not get otherwise. So I think you should try it!

More information: http://blog.ted.com/2011/04/15/a-chance-to-audition-your-own-ted-talk/